jobAs well as job search support and work experience, job seekers will have greater access to training and skills development and other help at a time better suited to their needs.

Our current system, which determines assistance based mainly on how long a person has been unemployed. Job seekers will work with their provider to develop their own Employment Pathway Plan.

This is an individually tailored plan which takes into account the job seeker’s needs and sets out which services and training will best help them find and keep employment.

To receive help, people will generally still be required to register with community access point and have an assessment. This will determine the level of assistance the job seeker should receive. The most disadvantaged job seekers will receive the most assistance. While the new system will change the way employment services are provided, it will not impact on the type or amount of income support job seekers receive.

Helping disadvantaged job seekers.
Our new employment services will enable disadvantaged job seekers to receive services that are more appropriate for them. Each job seeker will work with their employment services provider to develop his or her own combination of job search